Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hello for the Umpteenth Time

I plan to revive my YouTube channel. Hopefully some old friends may stumble upon this post. I apologize for not keeping in touch. I'd love to hear any feedback on my video. I will likely be active on YouTube, read comments posted there. I fail to often check this blog.

If you're interested in watching it, click here.

Thank you and best of wishes

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I would like to make a blog post explaining why I don't go on Animal Jam barely anymore, and I'd like to talk about a few other things too.

I sort of lost interest in Animal Jam.  I found other websites and people who I began to occupy my time with.  Yes, I still love and care very much about the friends and memories I made on Animal Jam, but I just got tired of the website.  We can think that we will play a certain website forever, and talk to the same friends for life, but that's not always how things work out.  You can say you will always be addicted to Animal Jam; you can say you will always find yourself running home from school to sit in a computer chair and talk to some people hundreds of miles away.  You can say that now, but things change.

What happened with me was I became very good friends with someone from Animal Jam.  We would talk to each other nearly everyday for weeks; we even went onto a chat website and talked using our real voices.  Well, that person slowly stopped coming online.  After that, I had made another friend; we would also talk nearly daily.  He lived in another timezone, and I would finish school early (I was doing school at home then, and still am for this year) to be able to talk with him.  Eventually, the two of us started hanging out with another one of my friends.  We had lots of fun together.  We also started going on other chat sites together, and I'll admit it was so much fun.  However, the friend I mentioned first who lived in another timezone began to come on less, and less.  The other friend of mine and I would usually end up going onto chat websites instead.  I ended up meeting some of her friends, and liked them as well.  I found myself coming onto Animal Jam much less, and spending more time on this chat website.  After all, I was still having a good time, and had some people to talk to.

Of course things change.  My friends and I (referring to the chat friends) had our ups and downs.  Occasionally, people would get into fights, or arguments.  Yes, you can get very upset and discouraged from some words on a computer screen.  Anyways, I was very addicted to talking to my friends on this website now, and could find myself spending hours on it.  Actually, I would say that chatting with my friends became my number one priority.  However, one of my friends on there slowly started to come online less, and less; I probably haven't talked to her in a month or two.  Then, two of my friends got mad at each other, or something like that anyways.  So, my other friend came online less, and less, and this was the friend who got me into this whole chat website to begin with.  She found other things to do.  She found other websites to go on.  She still talks to me, but not like before.  Yes, I somewhat do miss our long and silly conversations, but I'm happy that she is doing well.  Honestly, she was probably the closest I have ever gotten to someone.  We used to even talk about meeting up over the summer.  I know you are probably thinking, "That's a bad idea!  She could be some 40 year old creep!"  Well, she's not some 40 year old creep.  I webcam chatted with her before, we've heard each other's voices a few times, and even FaceTimed each other.  Plus, she never asked me any creepy personal questions.  I already know about online safety, etc.  Anyways, so my one friend who would still go on the chat website is really enjoyable to talk to as well, and I am grateful to have a good friend.  Just there's some things you miss.

I realized how much I have changed over the period of time, and it scares me in a way.  I do look really different, but I think different too.  I find myself to be rather judge mental now.  No, I would not start calling someone names; I keep things to myself..  I also am really paranoid, and find myself having moments of being very happy with myself, and moments where I feel so disgusted by anything I do.  I used to be able to take a compliment, but now I just feel rather upset by them...  I remember not having a worry in the world, and honestly I miss that a lot, but I also realize some stupid things I have done.  Please remember that you are not worthless, and you are going to make it if you just try...  Also, remember not to fully invest your time into something such as Animal Jam.

That's about all I have to say; sorry for such a long post.  I do not plan to be more active on Animal Jam, and I do not plan to be posting way too much.  I may start a new blog, on a new account.  (Please keep in mind this is not my account, the e-mail using it is my Mom's, and I feel so awkward considering she used to (and maybe still) get e-mails that there was a comment posted on this blog.)  I hope you all are having a great day.

Best of wishes.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not really replying

to comments.

I might make a new blog, I don't yet though., I'm putting a chat box on this post too, in case you want to talk. (If it works)

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!
Also, if I have offended any of you in the past, my apologies.  I have had really immature moments in the past which is one of the reasons I don't desire to keep this blog running too much.

Best of wishes.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I don't come on my blog a lot anymore...  I guess you could say I lost interest.

Monday, May 13, 2013

2 of my friend's blogs + more

2 good friends of mine asked me to post their blogs here.  So I am going to do so. :)

This is Autumn's blog, click here to go to it!  I have known Autumn for awhile and she is a great friend, though her blog doesn't get way too many views.  It would be most appreciated if you would be kind enough to take the time to look at it, since she is such an amazing friend.

Now for the other blog I have to share with you guys.  This is dragon's blog, click here to see it!  Some of you may know Dragonologist143 if you have known me for awhile.  She was and still is an old friend I have had.  She quit Animal Jam, but she still is on blogger.  I really miss seeing her on there but it was her choice, and you probably will have to quit sometime.  If you look at her blog that would make me really joyful because she is a great friend.

Okay, for that 'more' part I was talking about..

I am sorry to say I am sort of loosing interest in my blog, and Animal Jam.  No I am not going to quit, but I may just be on at odd moments.  I would hate to quit Animal Jam, I made so many great friends there that I could not chance to loose.  Also I sometimes have situations in real life.  My grandmother is in the hospital because she fell on Mother's Day.  I hope you guys understand and I love you all. <3

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Raccoons + Blog Updates

First things first.  The raccoons have came out in Jamma.  I have 2, and one of them is after a real animal.  But anyways here's a pic of Ginalbarr's and my raccoon.
In real life you probably have seen a raccoon.  Sometimes they'd use to come and eat our cat food.  Here's a pic of that:
Also, if you didn't notice I changed the background and edited somethings.  Do you guys like the new layout?  Well anyways have fun and play it safe.